Alex Silver grew up mostly in Northern Maine and is now living in Canada with one animated spouse, two young kids, and three small parrots. Alex is a trans guy who started writing fiction as a child and never stopped. Although there were detours through assisting on a farm and being a pharmacist along the way.


Teen & Young Adult


Ana Byrde

Super fun group of friends, and even a trans (side) character! Loved all the roleplaying and how Gui and Pascal fell for each other! Recommended for fans of Opposites Attract and roommates trying to navigate their attraction to each other. Will be looking for more from this author.

Louisa Masters

Funny, fast-paced, and with the perfect combination of snark and sparks, this was my first read by Alex Silver but definitely won't be my last! I can't wait to see the rest in the group find their happily ever afters.

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Peter's Haunted Holiday

What do you do when Santa turns up dead days before Christmas?

Peter Lee’s interest in his city’s haunted history started during his childhood. With the handle, GhastLee, he frequents the Hauntastic Haunts message boards. As a paranormal tour guide, ghosts are his profession and his passion.

The night JP Reynolds takes Peter’s tour, he gets a Christmas surprise he never expected—a visit from a ghost Santa Claus. JP knows just who to call. JP and Peter team up to investigate the ghost who looks like Santa Claus and sings carols in the streets. Along the way, they discover chemistry and forge a connection unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

With the holidays approaching, can they save Santa’s Christmas and make some holiday memories of their own?


Rafael's Haunted Halloween

Love always finds a way—even if man’s best friend has to reach across the veil to make it happen.

Semi-retired, Rafael’s life is in a rut after losing his beloved dog, Marlowe. He fills his time with hobbies, but it isn’t enough to give him purpose. The longer Raf hides away, the less he able he is to step out of his comfort zone in pursuit of his heart's desire.

Recently divorced dad, Noah, is ready for a new relationship. He’s had his eye on the silver fox who lives next door through months of casual flirtation. He’s sure they have chemistry, if only Raf would give him an opening.

Halloween evening affords Noah the perfect opportunity to get past Raf’s guard. But it might take Marlowe’s help for Raf to let go of his insecurities and give love a chance.



Dungeon Master

Slinging coffee to the masses is never boring. When a new customer catches my eye, I do what comes naturally and flirt with him. To my delight, Martin flirts back. He soon becomes the perfect distraction from my gaming group pressuring me into DMing our next D&D campaign.

Then I overhear Martin designing his dream dungeon, and I just know he’s everything I’m looking for in a man. What could be better than a hot summer fling with my very own personal DM? There’s just one problem; I should maybe have checked which type of Dungeon Master Martin meant before I asked him to take me on an adventure.

Dungeon Master is a kinky M/M romance with some BDSM elements, including sounding, impact play, and roleplay. It’s a spinoff from Table Topped, but it stands alone.