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Amy J Hamilton feels about 300 years old, writes Erotica/Sci-Fi/Humour, hails from another planet and is married with two teenage kids. The family has a house full of animals. Tropical fish, a degu called Sam (not a rodent, a small fluffy thing with a long tail, bigger than a hamster, smaller than an elephant.) Crunch the tortoise still fits in the palm of a hand. He/she/who can tell, seems OK, eats stuff, sits under light, sleeps, grows, doesn't talk yet. Cossie the bearded dragon talks and can fly whilst breathing fire. She’s well trained. There hasn't been "an incident" with the fire brigade for a while.

Amy runs a small business in her spare time when she’s not writing, or thinking about writing, or thinking "I really should be writing right now."

Recent tests revealing coffee in place of blood confirmed the long-held suspicion that Amy really is fuelled by caffeine.


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