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Travelling around the world as an air hostess or an astronaut is a dream I have nurtured since childhood. However, in my teens, I realised that I preferred literature and philosophy to mathematics, physics and chemistry; that piloting an aircraft would be much more difficult than driving a car; and that air hostesses were usually taller than I was.

The study of law during my master’s degree course in Business Economics in Venice (Italy) convinced me that the diplomatic career was out of question too.

At twenty-six, I left Italy to polish my English in London, where I found myself a husband and many different jobs. I also spared some time to attend many courses, including one in Counselling Skills.

Following a few years in France (where our daughter Sofia was born), and in the North of Italy, the beautiful seaside resort of Folkestone convinced me to come back to the UK. Here I frequented a few courses on Creative Writing and met lots of like-minded people.

My love for science fiction, and the realisation that writing would allow me to fulfil my childhood dream of travelling, although just with my imagination, convinced me to teleport myself to London to attend a one-day workshop on what makes SF tick, led by bestselling SF author David Wingrove. Still eager to learn how to hone my craft, I followed an online intensive writing course with renowned author Gay Hendricks as well.

It seems that my effort has paid off so far because my pieces have found nice homes.

My short story "A New Beginning" appeared in "The Folkestone 2014 Anthology".

My novelette "Homecoming" was published in the SF magazine Nebula Rift in 2014.

My novella Across Spacetime (a science fiction romance) will be released on 31 March 2017 by Fountain Blue Publishing.

I am currently working on its sequel and I volunteer as Deputy Editor with the SF magazine Nebula Rift.

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Shr is an adventurous and determined soul, who agrees to incarnate as a human being for at least two lifetimes to become part of the ruling class of the Sunnians (inhabitants of the Sun).
During the solar storm of 1859, she boldly leaves the Sun but no training has prepared her to face her new reality; and when she least expects it she is recalled home. However, she disobeys and risks all she’s worked so hard for, creating unpredictable consequences on the quiet life of the Sunnians.