Anna stares at a computer screen, whether working, writing, or editing. It is so fun to hang out with her grandson’s children or walk outside. But burning skin quickly makes it difficult to spend too much time outdoors.

Anna carves time to write and comes from a family of writers; her mom, grandmother, and several other family members are engaged in writing.

Anna cares about hope, love, encouragement, listening, parenting, individuality, and God’s grace. She looks for ways to inspire hope and listen to hurting women.

What’s the feeling you’re hiding from the world?

Anna likes to study the art of writing, learn to edit her work, and explore creating an author platform. When she isn’t at the computer writing or editing, she discusses plots with any one of her children. Anna asks the advice of her cats. “They have good ideas,” she says. The world around her offers a variety of sinister plots, even if it is just someone waiting for the bus.


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Hope Daily Prayer Guide

Hope is just around the corner.
Exuberant hope – strong and courageous – never fails to satisfy my needs – Joy and celebrations – live and wait in Him – a future – my hiding place and shelter – rejoice and pray through the hard times
by Anna K Payne

Hope is just around the corner.
The anticipation of a desire fulfilled, a dream realized, of peace and safety finally reached; This is hope. When our hope is in God, we can be exuberant. We know God dresses us in His salvation and His righteousness.

When we hope in God, we can wait on Him because we know He satisfies our needs and shelters us. Even in hard times, we pray to God in whom we have hope.


Strong Words Daily Prayer Guide

Strong Words Daily Prayer Guide
Pray Scripturally Every Day

Hi. Anna here. If you are anything like me, then you are busy. You’ve got real obligations. Life happening around you and every day is a delicate balance of family, business, and health. I get it.

That is why I’ve created this Daily Prayer Guide. It is how I know I am praying scripturally for my family, business, church, and world. I spent months reading scriptures and transforming them into prayers. These are my prayers for each of you each day.

The prayer guide is divided into everyday prayers and specific areas of life for each day of the week. Feel free to expand on it and add your own verses. You can share your verses by joining the Restorer of Streets Community and posting them on the prayer topic.


Rich Daily Prayer Guide

The love of God richly Inhabits me. My heritage in Him is a rich legacy full of abundant faith.

His grace and mercy extend to us in every way. We are rich in God’s grace. His abundant and faithful love is given to us every day.

He gave me the understanding and knowledge I needed to fulfill His plan for me. He has made me unfathomably rich in faith in God. And I am rich in good works through Jesus Christ.


Stand Daily Prayer Guide

I Stand Firm in God’s Presence
Remain Standing Before God
Stand Barefoot In God’s Presence
Stand Your Ground and Witness God’s Rescue
God Stands Like a Rock
Stand Up and Worship God
God’s Power Stands at My Right Side
I Stand Firm in Awe of God’s Love
God’s Strong Love and Truth Stands Watch Over Me


Compassion Daily Prayer Guide

The God of all Compassion
Bless the Lord – O my Soul – Made known His Ways – Abounding in Mercy – Forgiveness – Removing Sins – Knows me – Bestows Righteousness – Sovereign
by Anna K Payne

The God of all Compassion
God is compassionate toward sinners, provides mercy and grace to all who seek it, and offers legendary forgiveness.

God loves each of us and delights in us. When we follow His ways and commandments, we show our love for Him.

God loves justice and wants us to show justice and mercy to the poor, orphans, widows, and foreigners.

The Lord God is sovereign over all that is seen and unseen. His compassion fills the world, and through our hands, His compassion provides for those in need.


Introducing Three Chapters of The Vocalist of the Mathews's Matchmakers

Dating, Stalkers, and Love

Heaven’s sister, Miracle, has a new job. She has joined the prestigious Matthews Matchmakers firm. But she needs Heaven’s help to keep her clients happy. Heaven agrees to do a few dates.

At the cafe, Heaven gets her tea and can’t help but notice the depressed guy with cat hair all over him. Distracted by her dates and earning a living, she misses some important clues.

Welcome to Matthews Matchmaker series, where Heaven is The Vocalist. She lives by herself, teaches voice, and does voiceovers for Hollywood. Her stodgy tom cat, George, doesn’t like most people, but she loves him anyway.

What Heaven misses are the clues she has a stalker. Will she notice before he escalates?


God's Love Daily Prayer Guide

God’s Love Focused on Us
God’s love: floods us and brings comfort to our hearts – soothing company – brings everlasting life – patient and kind – has no arrogance – focused on us – rich in understanding – surpasses all
by Anna K Payne

God’s love focused on us.
God loves us. He gave His only and beloved son as the sacrifice for our sins. Jesus willingly became a man and laid down His life.

God’s love comforts our hearts and is soothing company daily. Because of His love, we have eternal life.

His love has no arrogance. God’s love is patient and kind. It is rich in understanding.

The Eternal God of heaven surpasses all we can ask or imagine. Thank you, O God Almighty, for loving us!


Gentleness Daily Prayer Guide

God’s love is gentle and kind
His Gentle, Quiet Voice
His Gentle and Loving Spirit
His Gentle Rule
He is Gentle and Humble of Heart
His Gentle Correction
His Gentle Hand
Keep Your Gentle Nature
Retore in a Spirit of Gentleness


Peace Daily Prayer Guide

The God of Peace Loves You

The God of peace gives us peace in the midst of a storm or turmoil. He helps us be whole and at peace. Through Him, we know peace and experience justice. God tempers justice with peace, grace, and mercy.

We have abundant joy and peace through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Because of this, we can live together in peace within our borders, neighborhoods, or towns.

God keeps us in perfect peace—peace not as the world gives but life-giving peace. His plans for us are for peace. With His help, we speak peace over His people.

Lord, thank You for Your peace. It gives me life and the courage to speak for You. Spread Your peace throughout the world. In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.


Finish Daily Prayer Guide

Who I Am in Christ
Faithful – Image of God – Nurturer – Immovable – Saved – Hopeful
by Anna K Payne

How Biblical is the topic “Finish”?
I discovered it is very Biblical. Jesus is the Finisher of our Faith. Jesus said, “It is finished.” The different uses of Finish in the scriptures amaze me.

God is not finished with me yet.
That said, I need to finish the things I’ve started. And how do I finish “all the things?” I can only accomplish this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Without God, I am frustrated, insecure, and neurotic. I am irritable, prone to sin, and harried. Without His presence, I finish nothing of worth.

Lord, help me to walk in the plans You created for me. Could you show me what my next steps are? Let me feel Your Spirit holding me and strengthening me. Help me finish.


Morro Bay Mysteries - First Three Chapters - Prequel - Book 8

Welcome to Morro Bay, a charming coastal town where The Donner and Festus Mysteries unfold. Join Jeffrey, Emily, Lucas, and their feline companions as they embark on a well-deserved vacation. Little do they know, an unexpected companion shadows their every move, placing them all in unforeseen peril. As danger lurks around each corner, secrets surface, and lifeless bodies appear—a chilling mystery unfolds.

Enter Donner, a fearless police German Shepherd, and his trusty sidekick, Festus, the remarkable cat with a penchant for fashion - cowboy hat and all. Together, this dynamic duo takes on the task of unraveling the enigma that shrouds Morro Bay. But their mission goes beyond mere investigation—it's about protection and justice for all.

Morro Bay Mysteries: Donner and Festus explore the intricate web of deceit, suspense, and intrigue beneath this captivating town's picture-perfect exterior.


Faith Daily Prayer Guide

Faith Daily Prayer Guide contains eight prayers, one for every day and a different one for each day of the week. The everyday prayer serves to create a hedge of protection around you. Each day of the week's prayer centers around a different aspect of faith.


Hiding Place Daily Prayer Guide

You are my Hiding Place
Protector – Shepherd – Shelter – Refuge – Deliverer – Peace-Giver – Fortress
by Anna K Payne

Do you know the song, You are my hiding place?
I love this song; it is taken from Psalm 32:7 and always blesses my heart.
You are my hiding place; You always fill my heart with songs of deliverance whenever I am afraid.

The world can be scary sometimes, and lately, it seems to be always scary. So who can I turn to? My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is my shelter, my protector, and my refuge. He makes me strong when I am weak, and He gives me His peace to dwell in safety.

Lord, I run to You and hide under the shadow of Your wings. You keep me safe from enemies and hide me beside Your heart. Help me to trust in You every day.


The Detective

Crime, danger, and new love. Meet John, The Detective who oversees a countywide task force. He is calm and confident and does not seek to change his life until he meets Penny.

Penny is an independent woman full of surprises. As a cellist involved in many musical endeavors, she has a unique source of information for the task force. John needs her expertise but falls in love with her almost immediately. Her first act is to bring him a fish named Jerome.

The Detective is a bridge novel between the Christian Suspense series Planted Flowers and Matthew’s Matchmakers. Both series show how trials and dangers bring the characters closer to someone new and God.

Read how the calm, confident John worries for Penny as they develop a relationship amidst danger and crime! Buy The Detective now!


I Choose Joy Daily Prayer Guide

I Choose Joy Daily Prayer Guide contains eight prayers, one for every day and a different one for each day of the week. The everyday prayer serves to create a hedge of protection around you. Each day of the week's prayer centers around a different aspect of joy and rejoicing.


Introduction to Emily's Cat Cozy Mysteries

Emily and Jeffrey find a home together during the pandemic years.
A Christian Cat Cozy Mystery set in 2020

Read the first three chapters of the first book in the series, Emily's Cat Mysteries. It is a heartwarming and heartwrenching story of loss, companionship, grief, and hope with a dead body thrown in.

Emily has always wanted a cat, but her sister Ruth is allergic to them. When Emily finally has a home, and the pandemic arrives, she hopes to stave off the loneliness of working from home with a kitten.

Jeffrey is nearly two years old and has lived most of his life in shelter cages. Because he is solid black, he was never adopted as a kitten. Longing for a family, Jeffrey adopts a heartbroken older cat and a young kitten. His cage is crowded.

Emily immediately falls for Jeffrey and understands she must take all three cats. What happens next is amazing.



Need better friends? Let God change how you see them.

Ever wonder why you can’t have better friends? Maybe your perspective is what needs changing. Gain God’s viewpoint into the lives of your friends. See what treasures are there to be found!

You can:
- Appreciate who your friends are in God’s eyes.
- See your friends as individuals and who they are meant to be.
- Let God fill you with patience, kindness, and gentleness.

Friends is a mini devotional that gives you insight into individuals. Become a better friend!

Download and read Friends for free now!



Late? Listen to God’s voice and arrive safely.

Do you find yourself running late while driving? Are you desperate to get off the road? Learn to listen to God’s voice. Look around you. Find the joy in the journey.

You can:
- Level out your emotions.
- Gain a new perspective while driving.
- Enjoy life in the car again.

Driving is a short devotional which gives you a new way of thinking while driving. Each topic brings a new perspective.

Download and read Driving for free now!



How Planted Flowers Began and Other Stories

The Planted Flowers series is a collection of Christian cozy mystery novellas. These six stories follow women who hope to draw closer to God. The trials and dangers they face cement their bonds to each other, restore their relationship with God and open their hearts to the men in their lives.

But what is Planted? Why are there seven women with flower names in one group? Who is Diana? Who is Winifred? Get your questions answered in this short story collection!

Join me as we learn more about the people of Planted!



Find your purpose. Achieve your dreams.

Do you wonder if you are walking in God’s plan for your life? Do you feel lost or confused? Are you uncertain about what direction God has for your life?

Find God’s will for your life right now!

You can:
- Establish and set your goals.
- Enter the stillness and hear God’s voice.
- Overcome your fears and take hold of the future.

Beginnings is a compact devotional created to empower you to live your life with purpose. Each of the devotionals shares Anna K Payne’s experiences as each New Year approaches.

Download and read Beginnings for free now!