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One day, several years ago, Annelisa bought some pages of a trial, merely to hold a piece of a 300-year-old book. That purchase changed her life. The defendant in the trial captivated her and her story demanded to be told. Annelisa's debut novel, The Popish Midwife, is based closely on the true story of Elizabeth Cellier, an extraordinary 17th century midwife.

Annelisa's research revealed Elizabeth to be known in three areas of interest - for being a woman writer when it was much frowned upon, for being caught in The Popish Plot and as a forward-thinking midwife - but her story was all in pieces and scattered. It was such an fantastic tale, Annelisa wanted to link it all together and share it with people of today. If Cellier could be all she was in a time of such prejudice and suppression, echos of our own time, how much more amazing would she be now when we have so much more freedom?

*The Popish Midwife won the bronze award in the Christian Historical Fiction category of the Readers' Favorite international book awards 2017*

Annelisa also writes poetry and story rhymes, and is currently writing The French Midwife, the second in The Seventeenth Century Midwives series, as well as a magical realism series (University of Lights).

She can be found on Twitter as @Alpha_Annelisa and on Facebook as ScriptAlchemy (her blog is )


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