Annemarie is a writer and ghostwriter who likes to write about relationships of all kinds. she is a huge fan of feedback and starting conversations.


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Child of Destiny

“If you don’t do this spell, Charlotte is going to die!” Leo said looming over her.
“You think I don’t know that!?” she huffed, “I told you, I can’t do it. It requires ‘passion acquired in a lover’s arms’ and I. Don’t. Have. That!”

Mya was a fledgling virgin witch.

Leo, a faithless cad! Or diamond in the rough, depending on who you ask.

The circumstances are not ideal.

Magic MUST be performed or Leo’s girlfriend dies. If she dies; that’s the end of Leo’s Cinderella story.

So what is a wanna-be Disney Princess to do?

Everything he must is what. If that includes a little sex with a reluctant witch…who can blame him?


That’s who.

But she was dying at that moment so she didn’t really get a say.

Wait, but what about Mya? Is she just gonna roll over like a good mouse?


Erase and Rewind

Rosemary is a fraternal twin, daughter of an identical twin. Her family history is complicated. Her mother left when she was very young after intense rivalry for her affections between her father and his brother. Now Rosemary has come of age and certain ugly truths are coming to light. Will she be strong enough to overcome them?


In Search of Paradise

Anders met Ben at a rugby match and they kinda had a one night stand.

Which turned into several one night stands.

Anders wants to know what they are and Ben wants to stay in the closet. He has a girlfriend and a future. He's a rugby player. There is no such thing as a gay Kenyan rugby player.

Anders just has to deal. At least he has his sister Zawadi to vent to.

Meanwhile, the world ends, the apocalypse is here and room for pretense is severely limited.

How will Ben and Anders negotiate this new normal? And what's this about Egyptian gods rising?

What do Egyptian gods have to do with the apocalypse anyway?

Dive into this African version of a gay dystopian tale and see what happens.


The Swamp is Full of Mystery

The swamps of Louisiana and Le Marais, in particular, hold many secrets; or is it Mama Ruth who owns the secrets and the swamp just holds them for her? It's alive though, with the past and the present and the future all colliding in one place; almost in one person. Mya Devereux. She's in the eye of the storm, the center of this cosmic dart board...and she has no clue. She's just worried about passing Chemistry. Leo's not worried about anything. He has it all figured out. Phil and Lillian can only watch and comment. Too bad they're ghosts so popcorn is out. Search Terms: infidelity, incest, thriller, whodunit, mystery, intrigue


In the Shadow of the Styx

An unknown killer is responsible for the death of newly minted lovers; Phil and Lillian.

One minute they’re celebrating the possibility of a long life together, the next they’re contemplating eternity in the hospital where they die.

Shenanigans ensue as they try to fit in with post-death society. What are the norms, who makes the rules and who can they ask about being taken to the leader?

It’s an adventure with many unexpected twists; but through it all, at least they have each others’ backs.

Updated with a new outtake.