April Murdock loves romance, especially sweet stories that make you sigh out loud. She loves to write stories inspired by people in her life – past and present. Okay, so truthfully, she’s never known a billionaire or anyone from royal bloodlines, but taking reality and pumping it up a bit is what makes it fun!


Historical Romance
Women's Fiction

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Finding Her Cowboy

Their first meeting was almost confrontational. It would be an understatement to say they didn’t hit it off.

Their second meeting goes just about like the first, except for one little thing. She couldn’t raise the anger she wanted over his callous attitude. He’d caused her to slide in the mud and then he’d been amused by her predicament. She was a mess for the job interview she was there for and he thought it was funny.

Why couldn’t she be mad at him?


The Billionaire's First Love

Will the billionaire break her heart just like the boy next door did?

Jack's back home after eight years away. Tracie isn't prepared to see him again. When she does, she realizes he still has her heart.

They'd started out as best friends and even then she loved him. Can they pick up where they left off? Is life that simple? Is love ever that easy?