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Arietta Richmond has been a compulsive reader and writer all her life. Whilst her reading has covered an enormous range of topics, history has always fascinated her, and historical novels been amongst her favourite reading.
She has written a wide range of work, from business articles and other non-fiction works (published under a pen name) but fiction has always been a major part of her life. Now, her Regency Historical Romance books are finally being released. The Derbyshire Set is comprised of 10 shorter novels (6 released so far). The ‘His Majesty’s Hounds’ series is comprised of 7 novels, with the second having just been released.
She also has a standalone longer novel shortly to be released, and two other series of novels in development.
She lives in Australia, and when not reading or writing, likes to travel, and to see in person the places where history happened.


Historical Fiction
Historical Romance

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A Gift of Love

Classic Regency Romance is Arietta Richmond's specialty! This book is a prequel to 'The Derbyshire Set' series of novels.

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Eleven years ago, Monique Clermont and Lord Charles Rockingham shared a passionate few months, before the conflict between her acting career and his desire to travel, before he inherited the title of Earl of Stanningfield, tore them apart.

For that eleven years, Monique has kept a secret. Now she is dying, and must face a difficult choice. A choice that can, really, result in only one thing. She writes a letter, to be delivered to Charles after her death, and sends him a gift of love – the love that has not faded, no matter how many years they have been apart.