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How does one tell so many about herself? I guess she just wings it and tells you. I am in my 30s and I have a strong sexual appetite. Maybe that is why I love writing erotica so much. I can write about all the dark erotic things inside my head I wish a man would do to me or maybe I would like to secretly watch. See that's the thing you never know what an author truly thinks or feels when they write the reader assumes. Of course, some erotic books are truly dark and twisted. So many love to have the bad boy be redeemed. However, you would be surprised at how many want to just have that bad boy just be bad and deeply want to secretly want to be man handled and used. I break the mold I don’t follow the old rules I don’t play and my readers have grown to love that about me. I tend to read other authors who are like me or come close. I don’t want to fit into a story mold and be told your generic. I want people to crave my originality. I make the hidden fantasies reality.


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