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I'm an artist / author by night; and a (crappy) secretary by day.
I make music, I write books, I cuddle my dog so much she's missing hair.
(Okay, that part's not totally true. She still has some of her hair...)
I love to write.
I struggle with story structure sometimes. MRUs are not my friends... Ahh, what else?
I'm a panster.
I write about Warlocks, Witches, different dimensions and haunted handymen..
I like weird stuff.
My favorite YouTube Channel is Strange Mysteries.
I'm a huge fan of r/NoSleep...
Who else?
J.P. Sloan, Laura Thalassa, J.D. Horn, B.V. Larson, April White, Anne Rice, Ruby Dixon ( I love those blue aliens.) and last but not least, Sean Stone.
I'd love it if you read my work. If you do, lemme know what you thought of it.
But be warned, I cuss like a sailor and my characters do too.
Peace. (Mic drop)
Too much?
Okay, that was too much.
Sorry. = )



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