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Bella Shadows is a smutpunk sexnerd who deeply squirreled away the nuts of her dirty little stories in her mind-hole for far too long before she decided to share. I said, Biiiiitch!

One day she realized, "my Nasty-Ones get me all sorts’a hot n' bothered. I bet they'd make the world hot n' bothered, too!"

She proudly pens smutpunk erotica for all folks who are under-represented, like herself, who just can’t read another f*cking crusty-billionaire-bimbo-limo-combo.

Bella creates intelligent heroines and heroes who understand that sexual taboos run way deeper than skin and gender. Nasty-Ones can’t be fooled like that.

What was that? Did you say somethin'?

"Bella, turn my everyday life into a naughty game of smutpunk! Gimme vibrant colors, gimme thick chocolate bars, gimme occult magic and scars, gimme tattoos, taboos, and pierced boobs!"

You got it, babe. You got it!



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Patty Cakes: The Baker's Man Comes

Need to spread a little honey butter on your bread? Then step into Patty Cakes smutpunk bakery for some hot 'n nasty treats!

Patty's a badass, tattooed, Afropunk chick who owns her own bumpin' bakery. A place where slam poets spit their truth and pain at open mic nights, local bands and MCs transform it into a show-space, and untapped street artists use its walls as a gallery.

Along comes an ancient and mysterious paranormal African deity, known only as the Baker’s Man, who arrives out of seemingly nowhere to inject her with his magical seed—the secret ingredient she needs to become the hottest baker around. They mix it up fresh and hot—sucking on their tasty tidbits, kneading their plump biscuits, slapping their batters around, and the sweet result is nothing short of delicious bliss.