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I live on ten acres of forest with a few domestic and numerous wild creatures. Along with creating an ever-growing inventory of books, my writing has appeared in hundreds of online and print publications.

I received my doctorate from the University of California at Irvine in the School of Social Sciences, with a focus on psychology and ethnography. After submitting my dissertation, I moved to the Pacific Northwest to write and to have a small private psychotherapy practice in a tiny town not much bigger than a village. It was a wonderful experience. But after twenty years, I realized it was time to attend to my fiction and nonfiction writing, and to engage with my readers. With you, dear reader!

Support of my writing helps maintain ten acres of natural forest and all the forest’s resident fauna. The creatures and I thank you!


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"Write Your Book! Publish Your Book! Market Your Book! will help many new writers. Not only is the content powerful, well organized & well presented, Blythe's writing is wonderful & consistently beautiful. She brings a real sense of positivity, & leads by example. Well done!"
Larry Brooks, Best Selling Author of Thriller Novels, Story Physics & Story Engineering

"This book is a trustworthy companion that all authors should keep by their side."
Iain Rob Wright, Best Selling Indie Author of Horror & Suspense & creator of A-Z of Self-Publishing


Lovely Frights for Lonely nights

If you’re looking for scaring-you-out-of-your-wits stories that give you the heebie-jeebies, these stories are not for you!

Lovely Frights for Lonely Nights is a little book of paranormal, supernatural, occult, dark (and, incidentally, award-winning) short stories.

If you enjoy a slightly more contemplative read rather than completely visceral, come on in ... crackling fireside and mulled wine await ....


When Fields Hum and Glow

The mystery of crop circles ... are they "instructions" for the return of the ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses?

A pretty farmer's wife, living in the bucolic region of England's Pewsey Vale, discovers her long-sought destiny on a supernatural summer evening in a whispering field of wheat....



Stone Face

A lonely gargoyle, a kind-hearted woman, a sky-rending storm, mix with stone and blood....

A paranormal, dark short story by the award winning author, Blythe Ayne.



Save Your Life with the Power of pH Balance

Download includes first chapter & valuable acid-alkaline food chart.

Why do babies smell so sweet? Because they are predominately composed of alkaline, mineralized water, and their bodies are pH balanced. PH balance is critical to your physical and mental well-being.

A few of the benefits of pH balance are:
• helps banish depression
• stimulates brain function
• contributes to being happier
• stimulates creativity and productivity
• contributes to being physically stronger
• improves health & happiness in children
• assists your body to cure illness/disease
• helps weight melt off without hardly trying
• Improves health and well-being of elderly loved ones

In Save Your Life with the Power of pH Balance you'll discover actions you can take NOW to initiate a healthy, powerful, pH balance!


10 Ways Your Cat Saves Your Life

Cat wisdom for cat lovers – ten ways how your cat (or dog, or bird, or pot-bellied pig, or other pet), contributes to your good health.




A beautiful woman ....
An attractive – but strange – man ....
A stormy, wind and rain swept night on a train....

Enjoy the ride.



Save Your Life with Stupendous Spices

Save Your Life with Stupendous Spices

Gold? Frankincense? Myrrh? No – even better! Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon – and Sea Salt.

In Save Your Life with Stupendous Spices you’ll read just a few of the astounding benefits these four Gifts of Earth have to offer – truly the Spice of Life!


Save Your Life with the Phenomenal Lemon (& Lime)!

If you’ve never particularly thought about lemons and limes, you may be astounded by some of what you’ll read in Save Your Life with the Phenomenal Lemon & Lime.

When you put these easy-to-accomplish, easy-to-understand suggestions into practice, you will experience improved health, heightened emotional well-being, increased longevity and pH balance.

Fresh-squeezed lemon and lime juice has antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-fungal and antihistamine properties. It fights infections and helps in the production of white blood cells and antibodies in the blood, which attack invading microorganisms. The antioxidant property of lemons and limes destroys roving free radicals preventing cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancers, and a myriad other health issues.