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Brian O'Rourke writes heroic and epic fantasy in the vein of David Gemmell and Bernard Cornwell. He writes stories that serve as both escapism and inspiration, with larger-than-life characters facing impossible odds and doing both great and terrible things.



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Wyetgerd's Ax

Once a young man so full of promise, Wisag now wanders the country under an assumed name, desperate to stay one step ahead of those he’s slighted.

One night, while sharing a drink with an old friend in a tavern, a battle-scarred soldier mocks Wisag. Brooking no insults, Wisag immediately challenges the other to a fight.

But the man he challenges isn’t just some old soldier. He’s a legend. And this old man, when challenged, only fights to the death. For the prize is Wyetgerd's Ax.

When Wisag wakes the next morning, his whole life has changed. Soon he becomes involved in a much-larger conflict that reaches west to the dark sorcery in the Thultac Mountains, all the way to the south where the King sits his throne uneasily. And now he walks a new path, the path of a hero ...