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Brittany Adams is a writer of dark romance with a fondness for alpha males and really bad boys. Her stories contain strong female characters, sometimes in suspenseful situations, who aren’t afraid to lead the way to their own “happily ever after.”

She is usually too busy writing to spend time on social media, but you can find her on Twitter and keep up with new releases by visiting her blog or joining her mailing list.



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F*ck Club

My name is Paisley Wilson. I’m married, miserable, and majorly in need of a hot affair. Don’t judge. You have no idea the hell I live through every single day.
Upon my best friend's suggestion, I try my luck at the Devil's Den—a glorified sex club that promises not only discretion, but high-caliber men as well.
It’s there that I meet Knox Gentry: ex-con, bad boy, and all-around womanizer.
He’s hardly high-caliber. I should run. I know.
But he's way too good in the bedroom to pass up for someone more stable.
Casual sex turns to real feelings that I never expected. But when someone starts threatening to expose my secrets, I wonder just how far the betrayal spreads, and if this bad boy is who he says he is.
And as my marriage starts to unravel, I wonder where the lies end & the truth begins.


Dark Matter (An Extremely Dark Bad Boy Erotic Romance)

What you don't know, sometimes can hurt you…

Take two really messed up traits, put them together, and what do you get? Me, Lyric Ferguson, agoraphobic masochist. There's a reason I'm this way. But that reason doesn't matter right now because I've been kidnapped and left in the dark with a stranger, Nolan Kyrkos—sadist, assassin, and A-1, first-class dickhead.

Neither one of us knows where we are, or why. And when our kidnapper gives me a task to complete—a task that is physically impossible, I realize I'm screwed.
I'm going to die.

But then I find a note: a piece of paper with information on it about me and Nolan. Information that couldn't possibly be true. Because if it were, that would mean my whole life has been a lie.

And Nolan might not be a stranger after all.