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C.M. Estopare is a full-time author, avid yoga enthusiast, and veteran of the United States military. She is the author of HEARTFELT SOUNDS, a young adult coming of age fantasy about the enthralling power of one young woman's voice.

KINDRED SOULS is a three part epic and dark fantasy series hitting Amazon and Kindle Unlimited beginning in February 2017. The first book, WINTERSKIN, debuted February 9th, 2017. The second book, BLADE AND SOUL, debuts June 30th, 2017. Be sure to mark your calendars!

When not writing, C.M. Estopare enjoys reading about the fantastical worlds in the minds of others. She also enjoys playing around with her puppy, Duke, and adventuring with her husband.

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Teen & Young Adult

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The Path.

Perilous. Brutal. Deadly.

It is said that if a man journeys in alone, he’ll never return and there will be no corpse to bury.

Katell Maeva, one of those assigned to brave the Path, will have to prove herself on this journey if she wants to be deemed a full-fledged shieldmaiden. But even her unique abilities may not be strong enough to withstand the brutal attacks they’ll face. Can this young woman, desperate to save her own family, complete her mission to escort the Chaperon and lead the convoy to safety?

For her, this journey is more than just a challenge; it’s the key to her future.


Wild Hope

Concealed and tucked away from surrounding world, on the mystical island of Moira, Kato has only known a life of listless existence. As an outcast, he is forbidden to take on a job in the tribe. Doomed to waste away, his days are spent slaughtering beasts to protect others.

When Outsiders land on the island, an opportunity arises. The tribe’s shamaness takes a valuable hostage in exchange for peace and hoists her onto Kato for safekeeping. Kato’s hostage is determined to have her voice heard, even if she must whisper. She makes it clear that she not a hostage—but a warning: the Outsiders are not peaceful. They plan to rip apart the island for resources until nothing remains. She swears she can help Kato stop her people, but there is only one stipulation: he must tell her their secrets.