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"An author emerges from the depths of Minnesotan waters. Sci-fi/Fantasy is my pen of choice."

Carissa Andrews is a genre-bending author who writes a combination of science fiction, fantasy, and dystopia. For 2018, she's also venturing into the world of nonfiction to deliver the advice she teaches in person to her fellow authors. When not writing her own books, she's busy reading them.

Carissa's YA scifi/fantasy/dystopian trilogy, the Pendomus Chronicles, is now available wherever books are sold. Her nonfiction book, Author Imposter, is set to release in March 2018--with more fiction works scheduled for later this year.

She lives in central Minnesota with her husband and brood of five kids.

For more information on their release, visit Carissa Andrews' author website: and sign up for her newsletter notifications.

Carissa is also a freelance graphic designer, writer and content creator, social media manager, and marketing professional. She writes consistently on topics of science, technology, art, writing, photography, graphic design, health, self improvement, and more. Her articles can be found published across the interwebs. Carissa is also a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork, and can be contacted for freelancing opportunities:


Other (Nonfiction)
Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult


Leon Cameron

The cover, book description and opening chapters draw you right into an epic world with believable characters, amazing world building and a sharp plot. Put this next on your summer reading queue!

Megan O'Russell

Super excited to check this one out!

Rebecca Reddell

This sounds super intriguing!! I'm excited to learn more!! :)

Eric Beaty

This book offers some great no-nonsense advice that will kick your butt into gear and help you shake off those pesky voices of insecurity, doubt, and fear every author faces. I like the voice of this author. It's as if she could be your best friend, coach, or mentor guiding you along your journey to become the best author you can be—without feeling guilty about it!

Midwest Journal Press

Author Imposter makes this subject simple to understand. Almost every author is affected by this, in small ways and bigger ones. Great to have a simple and personal book about this subject. Worth keeping to hand as a reference.

G M Sherwin

Great looking cover!!

J.W. Garrett

Love the cover and sample! Can't wait to read the full novel!

Sunee le Roux

Love the new cover! PENDOMUS is an imaginative dystopian sci-fi that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Katherine Dell

This cover is beautiful! It really draws me in.

Melinda Kucsera

great cover

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Oracle: A Diana Hawthorne Psychic Mystery

What would you do if you could see the future?

Diana Hawthorne can do just that. Every day she delves into personal prophecies, giving guidance to all the poor souls knocking at her door. There's a catch; while she helps others see where they've been, and to know where they're going…she has no recollection of her own beginnings. Nothing before the age of twenty-four holds residency in her mind.

As pieces begin to fall in and out of place, Diana is forced to make a decision that could unlock her memory but unravel her world.



Polarities (The Pendomus Chronicles Book 2) - Chapters 1-3 Sample

Runa, the prophesied Daughter of Five needs to learn how to master herself, or all of Pendomus will perish.

Separated from the only people who’ve had her back—as well as the love of her life, Traeton—Runa must go on a quest alone to uncover what it means to be human, as well as the Daughter of Five. Dropped in an unknown location, presumably still on the planet, she only has a monolithic book — the Caudex — as her guide, but it’s not giving up its answers easily. Will she be able to uncover the mysteries? The fate of the entire word rests on her shoulders & her ability to push through all of the challenges set her way.

Will she learn what she needs to step into her role as savior? Or will everything be derailed by her desire to get back to her friends?

Book 2 of the Pendomus Chronicles


Pendomus (The Pendomus Chronicles Book 1) - Chapters 1-3 Sample

A secret hidden in plain sight. A devastating attack. And a world hanging in the balance.

There are a lot of things I wish I’d known earlier—but three top my “wow, she was naïve” list.

First—there are others on Pendomus.

Second—a prophecy is in motion & I hold the key to the survival of literally everything.

Third—I'm being hunted by a madman who is desperately trying to wipe me from existence.

So yeah, no pressure.


If you like Maze Runner, or The Hunger Games, then you’ll love Carissa Andrews’ Pendomus Chronicles.

Download the first three chapters of Pendomus today and dive headlong into this action-packed dystopian series brimming with mystery, magic, and suspense.