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Carly writes contemporary romance featuring alpha heroes with tender hearts, and the passionate women who love them.

Carly's first foray into publishing was entering a Round Robin writing contest sponsored by Harlequin Publishing. When her entry in Night Magic won, she was hooked!

Of her debut novel, Romantic Times says, "This clever plot is enhanced by witty dialogue and entertaining secondary characters." Carly's first novel received a Romance Junkies award for "Best Debut Novel". And Carly's novella, Baby, It's Cold Outside, was a finalist for the efestival of Words.
Carly has written numerous novels, novellas and short stories, and has appeared in several romance anthologies.

Some of her current titles include Taken by a Navy SEAL (military romance), Duke of Devonwood (contemporary British nobility), and the Love Charm Series (contemporary romance with a touch of paranormal).

Carly is married to Traveling Man, which wins her some sweet travel deals (pictures on Pinterest). She is also the Jill-of-all-trades to three offspring, who often take her for granted, but are nonetheless wonderful. Just ask them.



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Love Charm for Ashley

A lonely teacher casts her homemade love charm into the cold waters of Boston Harbor. She wants desperately to believe in her unique magic ingredient to win her a "forever after" love.

The hot Special Forces soldier who appears is desperate for her. But the world is his stomping ground, and nothing lasts for more than a night.

Does the love charm have enough power to create the magic of true love?


Seducing the Law

Fleeing a cheating fiancé, Scarlet breaks down on the Fourth of July in a sultry Southern town where the Sheriff is even hotter than the firecrackers. With no car and no money, she decides to tease the Sheriff into helping her escape. Unfortunately, the Sheriff gains the upper hand when her vengeful ex issues false warrants for her arrest. How can she convince the Sheriff to ignore those warrants? She has ideas, none of them of the innocent variety...

The Sheriff knows he needs to set a good example for the kids in his hometown. Scarlet, the sexy scofflaw with a charming ability to skirt the truth, is not a woman with whom one can set a good example. But some temptations are just too enticing for a hot-blooded man to resist...and Scarlet is at the top of that list.