Carryn W. Kerr is a young adult author, who writes fiction for anyone who loves reading dystopia with a touch of sweet romance—from young teenagers to adults.

She believes we all need to take some time to escape the realities of life by diving into imaginary worlds, and her books embody this.

Her debut, The Renascent World was published by Finch Books of Totally Entwined Group. They’ve secured several contracts for The Renascent World. These include the Readict app and the Choices app by Pixelberry Studios. Also, The Renascent World is currently being translated into eight additional languages, besides English, for audiobook production. You’ll see the sequel to The Renascent World on bookshelves from 31 August 2021. And she has just completed writing the first book of an exciting new series.

Carryn was born in a rural village in the South African province of Kwa-Zulu Natal and currently lives in the city of Johannesburg. When not writing, you'll probably find her working out in the gym or at the stables, riding her horse, Mr. Fantastic.


Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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The Renascent World

It’s a cruel and dark mystery that laces Petriville, the town that once saved Cassidy Jones and her family from the meteorite strike.
While Earth perished they thrived in a blissful utopia, orbiting Earth within the town’s indestructible sphere.

Now Cassidy is sixteen and Gina, Petriville’s founder, reveals Cassidy's assigned mate. She refuses him but things get worse when Cassidy meets Eric, an alluring hologram who leaves her a dire warning of Gina's malicious intent. More strange is how Cassidy and Eric's attraction seems unnatural, and their passion intensifies when they share a virtual kiss.

Cassidy yearns to meet Eric in person. But problems abound. For one, Eric is still on Earth. For two, Gina intends for him to