I love to cook, hate to dust, live to travel, read and write!
I write #1 bestselling Regency romances and please a lot of readers with my contemporary romances starring Navy SEALs, too.
When you join my newsletter, you'll receive my Happily-Ever-After short stories starring my romantic couples. These are exclusive stories, published nowhere else. I will also share tales of my attempts to grow flowers and veggies in the dry hot soil of south Texas! Traveling often to France and England for research (because those kinds of facts help immensely), I'll share my adventures and show you pictures, too, of my journeys. What's more, I'll share with you my tales of cooking as I challenge myself each night after I close my office doors to create dinner by messing up every pot and pan in the house! Yes, my husband is not only my sous chef, but also my dishwasher. Cuz that's our bargain: I use every utensil in the house and he cleans them all up!
Join me! Every day is a new adventure!


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