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Charity’s childhood was full of adventure. From the first grade on, she moved from Kentucky to Alabama to Kentucky to Alabama to…well you get the idea. Although the moving didn’t help her grasp of mathematics, it fostered a deep love of books since those were the friends she could always take with her. Her family settled in Tennessee about the same time she started Jr. High.

Charity lives in Northwest Arkansas, loves to dance, camp, hike, bake and eat. She loves to eat so much that she started running after her fourth child was born. She has now run five 1/2 marathons and multiple 5ks. She also enjoys cake decorating.


Humor & Entertainment
Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult


Jen Finelli

I love the names here. I suspect this story is full of deep and thoughtful cultural creations, and a spiritual allegory. Nice!

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My Brother's Best Friend

Jessie's always been in love with her brother's best friend, Austin. When her roommate points out Austin likes her back, she makes her move with disastrous results. Or are they?