Chris Johnson was born in Rockhampton where he developed a quirky sense of humour and a habit of daydreaming. In time, this evolved into an intense desire to write and entertain others with his stories. Chris has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Information Technology and also works as a mindreader and psychic entertainer at corporate events and other functions. He also enjoys running and lives in Brisbane with his wife and daughter.


Historical Romance
Science Fiction

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Demon Blade - a preview

Hang on to your hat; Craig Ramsey's back in his next thrilling adventure.

A few short months after Dead Cell's epic conclusion, Craig is in pursuit of a serial killer from the past.

Jack the Ripper has emerged from shadowy Victorian London and is now terrorising Statton's Valley district. But the psychopath has tricks of his own. For it is no ordinary man.

Along with Brianna Cogan and Emily Fraser, Craig Ramsey soon finds himself embroiled in the mysteries of the creature. One takes him far back into ancient history.

The other is more horrifying as Craig discovers his own intimate connection with Jack the Ripper runs deeper than he imagined.


Twelve Strokes of Midnight

From the whimsical to the nightmarish, these twisted tales and short stories - one tale per strike of the midnight hour - possess the power to assume any horrific shape.

A mother's undying love for her daughter allows her to revisit from the grave every year...
A young married couple's relationship is tested by ghostly child...
Glen, number one fan of Marilyn Monroe, makes a deadly wish at a seance...
A magical clockwork toy with an unearthly power possesses an old man and his young companion...
A silent ghostly woman in white stalks a lifeguard from beyond the veil...
And many more tales of the paranormal crossed with science fiction and fantasy will rock and shock you to the core.


Bootstrap's Journey - Preview

When Claire Hilyer receives a mysterious letter and package from her best friend Tony, she thinks it an unexpected romantic gesture. Then she learns Tony sent it over twenty-five years ago, before his birth. Intrigued, Claire visits Tony's house. She arrives in time to see him fighting a stranger, and a moment later, they vanish before her eyes into the past. Tony's package is a cry for help from 2017 to Claire. He must learn to survive without money, family or friends in an era before his birth. Meanwhile, a deadly enemy craves Tony's invention - a time travelling device - for his own deadly purposes and stalks him from the past and the future. Can Claire save Tony and bring him home before time runs out?


The Trick

The Trick is a tale of two brothers, both in blood and in the golden art of stage magic. Jealousy and blind ambition clash as Maximillian searches for The Trick of True Magic, and his brother Fanto would do anything to steal the Prize for himself. Set in Vaudeville's Golden Era, The Trick is a tale with a terribly true message that steps from the past into modern history and beyond.