Chris Johnson was born in Rockhampton where he developed a quirky sense of humour and a habit of daydreaming. In time, this evolved into an intense desire to write and entertain others with his stories. Chris has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Information Technology and also works as a mindreader and psychic entertainer at corporate events and other functions. He also enjoys running and lives in Brisbane with his wife and daughter.


Historical Romance
Science Fiction

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While He Was Sleeping

Norman Cole, a bullied teenager, lies comatose in hospital after a freak cycling accident. Soon after, his best friend Robin experiences nocturnal mutilations and nightmares after a beautiful stranger appears claiming to be Norman's girlfriend. Meanwhile, Norman's bullies die in strange accidents across town. Until...


Bootstrap's Journey

When Claire Hilyer receives a mysterious letter and package from her best friend Tony, she thinks it an unexpected romantic gesture.
Then she learns Tony sent it over twenty-five years ago, before his birth.
Intrigued, Claire visits Tony's house. She arrives in time to see him fighting a stranger, and a moment later, they vanish before her eyes into the past.
Tony's package is a cry for help from 2017 to Claire. He must learn to survive without money, family or friends in an era before his birth. Meanwhile, a deadly enemy craves Tony's invention - a time travelling device - for his own deadly purposes and stalks him from the past and the future.


Dead Cell

Not your average private detective, Craig Ramsey is a psychic -- a real one. A touch of his hand can reveal to him is enough to know your secrets, and sometimes your thoughts.
When a shadowy assassin murders his adopted niece, Craig smells a rat, the paranormal kind, and nothing will stop him hunting it -- dead or not. Not even Detective Sergeant Cogan who doesn't believe in ghosts and doesn't appreciate so-called psychics cramping her style.
But can they resolve their differences in time to save the city from something far worse?