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Christian was born in 1978 in Kiel, Germany, grew up in Norderstedt, graduated school in 1997, military service in the army, apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker. After one year as a journeyman he took on the study of interior design in Detmold, which he completed in August 2008.

After graduating Christian worked for two years at a store/shop construction company in Oststeinbek. Since November 2010 he has been working at a trade fair company in Barsbüttel. He designs and draws exhibition stands in 3D on the computer and creates the technical drawings for the construction of the stands.
He lives with his wife and his two sons in Henstedt-Ulzburg, north of Hamburg.

Christian came to writing relatively late. As an avid role player he liked to devise back stories for his characters, but only on a small scale. However, the interest in writing whole stories and novels gradually grew. Today, Christian uses his time apart from work and family to write science-fiction and fantasy stories and novels.


Science Fiction

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Klon (German Edition)

German Edition!
Er hat einen neuen Körper.
Sein Bewusstsein ist transferiert.
Er ist bereit für sein neues Leben.
Aber hat er es verdient?



He has a new body.
His consciousness has been transferred.
He is ready for his new life.
But does he deserve it?