Award-winning author Cindy Stark lives in a small town shadowed by the Rocky Mountains. She enjoys creating magical mayhem in her witch cozy mysteries, unexpected twists in her emotional romantic suspense, and forever love with hot guys in her sexy contemporary romance stories.
She’d like to think she’s the boss of her three adorable and sassy cats, but deep down, she knows she’s ruled by kitty overlords. Someday, she hopes to earn enough to open a cat sanctuary where she can save all the kitties and play all day with toe beans and murder mittens.


Women's Fiction

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Relentless (Aspen Book One)

She doesn't need another heartbreak...
But is the sexy cowboy as reckless as they say?
Lily Chandler lost her job and lost her apartment. The last thing she wants is to lose her heart to a small-town sexy cowboy who is known to love 'em and leave 'em.

Rumored bad boy Luke Winchester needs to shed the reputation he hasn't earned if he wants more than a stolen kiss from Lily. Unfortunately, the scorned woman who stands in his way happens to be Lily's best friend.

Lily intends to steer clear of temptation and remain loyal to her friend, but Luke's subtle yet relentless pursuit weakens her with each encounter. If she gives in, will she become another notch in his belt or find the love she's always longed for?