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Clive Fox writes action adventure you can’t put down. The Aftermath Adventures, starring Pearson Granger, is his first techno-thriller series, combining the bleeding edge technology of Michael Crichton with the team dynamics of episodic TV shows like NCIS.

Pearson Granger, the Aftermath’s leader, is former British special forces. Wounded by the Taliban, he was sent home in his prime. Rebuilt by the shadowy group known only as the Consortium, now Granger has a bionic arm and a new vocation. But his personal mission is always the same—to stop the bad guys.

If you like strong, smart and believable heroes, you’ll love Pearson Granger. If you like techno-thrillers with astonishing inventions, shocking twists, great locations and page-turning action, you’ll love Clive Fox’s stories.

Clive Fox would tell you where he gets his ideas but then he’d have to kill you. And the paperwork on that is shocking these days. A former international man of mystery, Clive now lives as a recluse in a leafy English village, with three beehives and a well-polished bust of Stephen J. Cannell. He types standing, naked for preference, while walking on an antique treadmill that Ian Fleming once refused to buy. Clive has a thing for Abbie in NCIS. He passes his information exclusively via dead drop to his editors, Dominic S. Hilton and Marc Freeman. Talk to them: Clive has a jug of Pimm’s to mix. PS Someone should bring back Riptide. That was a great show.


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