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From his arcane lair in northeast Texas, Corbett Buchly scribes fictional narratives about alien technology, sorcery, steampunk, mud, blood and spit. And poetry. When he’s not writing stories and poems, Corbett likes to hike, play non-video games, read excessively and spend time with his two rambunctious boys and his somewhat less rambunctious wife. Corbett has degrees from Texas Christian University (TCU) and University of Southern California (USC).


Science Fiction

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Spit Mechs 1.5: Thanks for the Pranks

For one fourth-grade member of the Spit Mechs crew, saving the world wasn’t enough. Jane has to find the alien prankster haunting her school before it’s too late. And this time, she’s going solo.

Science-fiction adventure chapter book for kids (grades 2-5) and kids at heart.