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Mother's Misfortune

Candide Perrault believes that she is the most elegant in the Seven Kingdoms. To finance her high-society lifestyle, she sells her step-daughter to a wife-killing ogre.

When the girl runs away, this triggers a string of unfortunate events that cause Candide to flee the very home she had stolen from Cendrilla.

Now, with a violent ogre after her blood and the constables wanting to arrest her, Candide must do the unthinkable in order to keep herself and her own daughters alive.


Cendrilla: A Fairy Tale

Rilla Perrault is not elegant or charming like her step-sisters. According to Mother, she curtseys like a constipated boar, can't dance, and is incapable of serving an elegant tea. When Rilla is betrothed to Lord Bluebeard, a man suspected of murdering his previous wives, she escapes to the capital with Bluebeard's slave.

Having paid a hefty bride-price, Lord Bluebeard sets his mercenaries on the chase for the runaway pair. Now, Rilla must reach the capital, a place where ogres like Bluebeard are forbidden to enter, before her murderous betrothed and his blood-thirsty servants exact their vengeance.


Hated: A Reverse Harem Goldilocks Prequel

Marigold’s troubles begin with her incarceration for a crime she did not commit…

In Igneous, the sentence for offending a shifter is imprisonment. The penalty for doing it again is death.

Marigold must escape and find freedom in a new land, but will the handsome dragons who uncover her fugitive status lead her to true love, or true ruin?

Hated is the prequel to the Goldilocks and the Three Dragons trilogy. Get your copy now and start the reverse harem paranormal romance adventure!



From Mama Bear’s claws to the hangman’s noose… Will Goldilocks ever get her happy ending?

Dora is the girl with golden locks who craves adventure. Not too little. Not too much. She likes it just right. At this moment she's got too much—and that means trouble.

After escaping a furious bear shapeshifter, she accidentally gains possession of a mysterious, magical amulet. And no matter what she does to get rid of it, the amulet always comes back.

Now she's being targeted by the House of Corrections’ big bad wolves.

With bloodthirsty magical creatures hunting her across land and Cursed Sea, she must find refuge in an underworld of untrustworthy characters. Because if she fails, she’ll lose both her freedom and her life.


Cendrilla: A Cinderella Retelling

Cendrilla’s Swapping Her Glass Slippers For Combat Boots

When Cendrilla is forcibly betrothed to serial wife-killer, Lord Bluebeard, Cendrilla makes a run for her life. She must brave the elements and a myriad of hostile inhabitants to find sanctuary within the capital’s high walls.

Cendrilla is a re-imagination of the classic Cinderella story. It blends fairytales, mythology, and centuries-old folklore into an adventure that turns every damsel-in-distress legend on its head.


The Magestaff

An enchanted staff. An epic adventure.

Cendrilla is swapping her glass slippers for combat boots.

She is on the run from a forced betrothal and a furious, wife-killing ogre is at her heels

Armed only with an enchanted staff, will Cendrilla cross the badlands and escape her magical foes before the clock strikes midnight?

If you like damsels who defy distress, you’ll love The Magestaff.

Perfect for fans of Xena The Warrior Princess, Brienne of Tarth, and Celaena Sardothien.


The Academy

When Rilla rescues the Crown Prince from a abduction by of trolls, she thinks taking up his invitation to the prestigious Academy will be the perfect way to escape her betrothal to serial wife-killer, Lord Bluebeard.

Instead, she ends up bullied for being an ex-servant with ideas above her station and hiding magic powers that can get her executed.

And when a not-so-secret assassin makes Rilla their target, she finds herself failing the Academy and falling back into Lord Bluebeard’s clutches.


Millissa: A Rumpelstiltskin Retelling

Magic will be her savior. Or her downfall.

Born into a world as cunning as it is magical, one brave young woman must navigate the court of a deranged usurper King and uncover the truth behind its tangled, horrible past.

To save herself from hanging, she must risk summoning illegal magic into her dungeon cell to fulfill the King’s staggering request: spin straw into gold—or die.

With the help of an imp and a mysterious girl, Millissa must unravel the history behind the King’s terrible curse and the bonds that tie her to Autumn’s ultimate fate.

The truth will either set them free or bind them to their doom. Secrets and lies swirl about the court as a magical storm brews, threatening to uproot the monarchy, a marriage, and the miller’s daughter.


Beastly Bride

The fate of the United Kingdom of Seven rests on the lips of Princess Freida.

Prince Alek has been turned into a frog and needs a kiss from his betrothed to turn him back.

Too bad Freida's a spoiled, selfish sociopath who won’t kiss an ugly old frog. She has her twisted heart set on the prince's younger and more attractive brother.

But when Freida has to choose between kissing a frog or banishment, she gambles everything on a plan so dastardly, so insane, she will either get her happy ever after or be executed for treason.

If you like scheming princesses, broken betrothals and twisted takes on classic fairy tales you'll love Beastly Bride.