D. L. Lewis lives in northern California with a cello, three cats, and a crow named Harold.


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FIGHTING BACK - A Short True Memoir Regarding Justice for the Victims of Wealthy Sexual Predators

In this 21-page nonfiction document, the author raises the question of why American law enforcement enables wealthy sexual predators.


Where Wolves Talk Preview: A Fantasy for Animal Lovers

Kitten, an American tabby residing in England, is a frustrated cat. He knows his place in the world: he was born to kill. Killing, after all, is what felines are supposed to do. Confined within his Lady's house, however, he is deprived of the opportunity to hunt live prey. The mansion is a sterile playground for a predator; offering nothing more than furniture which allows itself to be brutalized far too easily.

Kitten learns of a passage hidden in his Lady's library: the Door, which leads to an unknown world. The cat has been told that the source of all evil dwells in this place. He is eager to fight the sinister personage and goes through the Door; finding himself in a forest like any other in England. He soon learns this is a very different place.