D.N. Leo is an Australian author. Although she writes stories that occur in the multiverse, she lives in Melbourne with her beloved husband, a polite dog and a sarcastic cat.


Science Fiction

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Virgo - Mindscape Trilogy Epilogue - A Romantic Supernatural Suspense Thriller

Imagine if it was hot in Antarctica! Watching the polar caps burn.

Madeline is no longer a journalist in New York, but her connection during the peak of her career deems to be useful when she needs to assist her husband, Ciaran, to stop a plot in the paranormal world, that might destroy the Antarctica and Earth.

The only weapon they have is their Silver Blood. The only contact they have is a retired journalist living in Argentina. Yet they fight the vicious paranormal and space creatures to obtain the Virgo key to save Earth.



Libra - Silver Blood Collection - An Urban Fantasy Supernatural Thriller Novel - Audiobook Included Inside

Imagine if Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean vanish with the wrong turn of a key!

As a silver blood soldier, it is Roy’s mission to stop that from happening. As the alpha of a werefox clan, Mori uses all of her skills to help her husband prevent the catastrophe to both Earth and the paranormal worlds.

Together, they tread the dangerous water, fighting the most notorious supernatural forces from the multiverse and the magical land.



The Stolen - A heart-warming story, plus another exclusive free book inside

Their hope was stolen from them, and they might never get it back unless a stranger let go of his own hatred to help ease the pain of another.