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Daniel Parsons is the author of the fantasy books The Winter Freak Show and Blott. He has also written a comedy zombie story called Necroville which has received critical acclaim on Wattpad, garnered over 32,000 reads, and been used to promote Hollywood’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie. His first non-fiction book #TheArtOfTwitter – a Twitter guide for writers, musicians, artists, and other creative professionals – hit number 42 on the US Amazon business bestsellers list and has gone on to receive universal acclaim.

Besides writing, Daniel has worked at two traditional publishing companies and occasionally runs workshops in which he teaches other authors how to grow an effective social media presence. If you want to know more about Daniel, sign up to his mailing list on or follow him on Twitter (@dkparsonswriter). He loves talking to readers, writers, and anyone else who will listen!


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The Winter Freak Show

After twelve-year-old Toby escapes the cruelty of the workhouse, he dreams of a life of freedom in Victorian London. He joins the Winter Freak Show, a band of travelling acrobats and performers, who put on a spellbinding show each year before Christmas.

But all is not well in the City of London.
A shadowy force is kidnapping children and only Toby knows the terrible truth.

In a race against time, Toby must catch the kidnapper.

If he fails, Christmas will never be the same again.


The Dead Woods (Previously known as Necroville)

Graduating university is an emotional time for everyone. But when a group of ex-students decide to spend one last night together at a zombie experience facility to create lasting memories, none of them anticipate just how memorable it will turn out to be. It quickly becomes apparent that the undead actors are very good at what they do. Too good.

Armed with only an arsenal of Nerf guns, the group quickly figure out that they'll need more than foam bullets and sandwiches to get them through the night.

If you love zombies, gore, and deadpan comedy, then you'll love this story. Get it now!