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David J. West writes dark fantasy and weird westerns because the voices in his head won't quiet until someone else can hear them. He is a great fan of sword & sorcery, ghosts and lost ruins, so of course he lives in Utah with his wife and children.


Historical Fiction

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Fangs of the Dragon

Bizarre occultists try to use a legendary monster to enact their revenge and only a hard-drinking gunslinger can stop them! Its Hell on Wheels meets Jaws!

Blessed by a holy man, hard-drinking gunslinger Porter Rockwell was promised that if he never cut his hair he would not be harmed by bullet nor blade . . .
But what if monsters strike with tooth and claw? Or occult spiritualists send hexes his way?
Well this time just might be Port’s last ride . . .
Either way it’s gonna be a helluva fight!