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Motivated by a childhood love of reading, Dr. D. C. Matthews writes stories of inspiration to remind others that they, too, can overcome. Due to the sound teaching of a dedicated pastor, she learned the healing power of a heart surrendered to Christ. The knowledge shared in Dr. D. C. Matthews’ books is based on her ministerial training and revelation gained while spending time in the presence of God. Through faith and keen discernment, she has been empowered to help others grow spiritually and excel professionally.


Other (Nonfiction)

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Letters to my Angry Self: Unmasking a Lady of Rage

Have you ever yelled at your kids and felt bad afterwards? Did you ever want to take time for yourself, but then felt guilty? If you answered yes to these questions, then this book is for you! In Letters to my Angry Self, Dr. D. C. Matthews shares personal stories about her battle with anger to let readers know they are not alone in their struggle. Accompanied with encouraging letters to her former angry self, this author's transparency inspires hope for a better tomorrow.