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The Circle (First 3 Chapters)

The Order of Vespers is in turmoil. Their most powerful supernatural members have been kidnapped by a cult hell-bent on destroying the cosmic balance. Its members are revolting & their leadership, The Circle, is hanging on by a thread. The one person who can save them, Jasper, has been missing for over a year. Jordan gets a lucky break when one raid turns up more than they could have hoped for: a way to bring back his dearest friend and partner-in-crime. While members of The Circle are against using magic to restore her, Jordan is convinced that Jasper has a larger role to play. He believes that she can stop the kidnappings, ferret out the traitors to the Order, and save the world. The Circle must decide whether to trust in dark magic & a friend that may no longer exist or to forget her.


Order of Vespers

Eighteen-year-old Jasper Andrews finds herself drawn into this superhuman world when a freak explosion exposes her to groups interested in secret abilities. When her family is killed under unbelievable circumstances, Jasper is the only suspect. She flees police custody and heads to New York City to lose herself in the crowds. Jasper wants revenge, but being chased by the police and superhuman bad guys, slows her down. While she’s in hiding Jasper becomes more volatile; she begins manifesting traces of her siblings’ abilities and begins to lose control. The Order of Vespers has decided she’s too dangerous and too important to leave unguarded and capture her. The killers strike again, Jasper is forced to choose between her vendetta and the lives of the Vespers and humanity.