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I am a proud husband, stay-at-home dad, and writer who lives in Vancouver, Washington. When I am not running kids, doing laundry, or making dinner, I can usually be found writing at the local library. When I’m not writing my family and I enjoy gardening, and playing D&D 5e.

In the fall of 2011, I wrote the number one non-fiction Amazon bestseller How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any. This book of basic financial advice has served over 80,000 families. In 2015, it got a thorough edit, and I released a workbook to compliment the book.

However, most of my efforts now go into creating fiction. I love space science and believe in a future in which humanity greens up the galaxy. So, much of my work has gone into creating the Pax Imperium, my science fiction universe. There are three novels in that universe, and each has been reviewed very positively. After looking at one of my books author Jack McDevitt once told a friend of mine that I have a bright future in science fiction. And while I think I would write stories even if I couldn’t publish them, I’m so grateful for every positive word and to be able to do what I love while entertaining others at the same time.

Erik Wecks
October 2017


Humor & Entertainment
Science Fiction

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Robots

In the mid twenty-first century humanity finally achieves Utopia. Lawrence Brudhomme’s on a mission to take it down.

In 2036, noted MIT economist Chester Digby tripped over the solution world’s economic problems and won the Nobel for his efforts. But young intellectual Lawrence Brudhomme thinks he’s made a terrible mess of it all. He and the other fops at the Workers Solidarity Club are all on a quest to bring respect to the huddling synthetic masses. Brudhomme just takes their job more seriously. Now its up to synthetic person HTE3X to repair what Brudhomme has broken.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Robots is a lighthearted science fiction short from Erik Wecks, the creator of The Pax Imperium.



Four stories of ordinary survival in extraordinary circumstances, two of which are thoughts about people and two of which are rocking science fiction adventures.

He Dug the Grave Himself
Ephraim didn't find out his dearly loved wife, Lola, had been hiding something from him until she was cold and dead. What he found out nearly undid him.

Taylor's Watch
Best described as "Die Hard" on a space station.

Rena's Song
Ending Well.

Brody: Hope Unconquered
A survival adventure with unexpected hope when all seems lost.

Erik Wecks is the creator of the Pax Imperium and the author of the bestselling novel Aetna Adrift, The Far Bank of the Rubicon. His latest Pax Novel Gravlander will be released October 25th.