Eva lives in a small town outside of Houston Texas with her family. She more than enjoys writing and staying in touch with each of her characters as their lives progress (even behind the scenes). She spends a great deal of time developing her characters, including the ones who seem to go in their own direction. She loves creating complex characters who whose lives are filled with drama. Although her works are fiction, many of the stories she tell are based on actual events, each containing suspense, romance, humor and action. She has a BA in Management and worked as an independent business owner for years before giving it up to pursue her passion of writing full time. She's never looked back. Keep in touch with Eva! Email: Facebook:


Women's Fiction

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Reaching Hope Chapter Preview

A Mother’s Journey and Sacrifice

Isabel Navarro is a domestic abuse survivor who’s been through hell and back. Just when her life seems to be getting on track, her happy-ever-after is ripped from under her. Things only get worse when the one person she suspects will be there for her through it all, fails her miserably. The result is sorrow, heartache, and more suffering than she can manage.

Soon, a temporary fix becomes a long-term and almost fatal addiction. In the end, she loses everything and everyone.

Will she be able to survive the aftermath of her self-destructive ways? Or, has she reached the point of no return? Is the risk even worth it when either way, she stands to become a victim?

***This book is for readers 18+. It contains emotional triggers, strong sexual content, and