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Evan Ronan writes mysteries and thrillers filled with lots of suspense, crisp prose, crackling dialog, and wry humor. Sometimes he posts rambling videos on YouTube.

He loves hearing from readers and can be contacted at He always responds to emails.


Teen & Young Adult

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Two Dead in the County

Lieutenant Jim Glover, senior homicide detective with Wannatoc County, is woken by a call at three AM. A car with its engine still running has been found on the roadside, the driver missing. It looks like a kidnapping situation or foul play.
Glover and his new partner, thirty-year-old Roxy Jordan, are still learning to work together. Glover is old school and set in his ways, while Jordan is a fresh detective with her own style.
Their search for the missing person leads them in an unexpected direction, and, just as the investigation picks up steam, they catch another body.
Their department might be understaffed and underbudgeted, but Glover and Jordan treat their jobs like a calling. They're going to close both cases. Two Dead in the County is the first in a new series by Evan Ronan.




WHAT IS E? E is a prequel short story to dystopian fantasy serial, Kwahlah, best described as Harry Potter meets Ender's Game.

WHO IS E? They burned her real name from her memory. She hasn't seen or heard from her parents in six months. She has incredible powers, but she is hopelessly behind the others. Her classmates constantly torment her, but the Teacher never intervenes. Her school is top secret. There are very few rules, but if you break any of them, you're disappeared. And today, E is in serious danger of breaking one of the rules.

WHO IS E? She has One Big Secret, and today, everyone might find out what it is.

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The Young Woman Next Door

For the next few days leading up to her 18th birthday, Kat rose is home alone. While updating her website, she receives a chilling, anonymous email--

There is a woman being held captive.

In the house next door.