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Fiona Jeeves can usually be found day dreaming somewhere.

Her full length young adult novel Burning Embers is currently available on pre-order on Amazon woo hoo! However, even though all the editing is done, she can't resist returning to the world of Arenith and will be sharing a few short stories for free!

She loves to connect with her readers, so please feel free to drop by her website or send her an e-mail!

Happy Reading,

Fibi xx


Teen & Young Adult

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The Last Charter

Captain De'Sean is approached by a mysterious man, with an even stranger request.

A short story set in the world of Arenith, I hope you enjoy this adventure!

If you wanted to read more about Arenith, and see how the Last Charter fits into a much bigger picture, my full-length novel Burning Embers is currently available for purchase on Amazon.