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Fiona Skye is a fantasy author, currently living in the deserts of Southern Arizona. She shares a home with her husband, two kids, three cats, a betta fish, and a Border Collie.

Fiona’s passion for story telling began early in life. She loved playing make-believe and inventing elaborate fantasy worlds to play in. At age twelve, she wrote her first short story, which was based on a song by a 1980s hair band. After giving it to her English teacher for editing and rewrites, she learned to love the entire writing process and has dedicated her life since then to story craft, only to be occasionally distracted by her insatiable love of yarn and crochet, and the dogged pursuit of the perfect plate of cheese enchiladas.

She counts Diana Gabaldon and Jim Butcher as her favorite authors and biggest influences. Joining these two on the list of people she would wait in queue for a week to have a coffee with are Neil Peart, Kevin Hearne, and Brandon Sanderson.



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The Night of Revelations

Riley O’Rourke is a reporter for the Tucson Daily Gazette. She has a nice life, good friends, close family, and plenty of male attention. She also has a secret: she’s a shapeshifter who turns into a Jaguar on every full moon. She’s kept this secret hidden for nearly six years and sees no reason to change. But when a tip sends her to Tucson Police Headquarters, she soon finds herself in the middle of a fight between vampires, muscle-bound hired thugs, and magic users. Suddenly Riley cannot keep her secret anymore, and she faces a decision, one that will affect her career, her relationships, and her very life: will she join the vampires in exposing their secrets on the Night of Revelations?