I write non-fiction and fiction.

My non-fiction is on Self-Knowledge in the self-development field. I have several books on Amazon (4/5-star reviews) with more coming.

Here are several of my Self-Knowledge books on Amazon.

If you don’t know yourself, three bad things will happen to you.
You won’t be in the right career
You won’t be with the right person
You won’t be happy.
You know this already, I’m just reminding you.
t gets worse!
Once you know yourself, you must love yourself.
If you don't love yourself, two bad things happen.
You cannot love anyone else.
((You cannot give away what you do not have.)
Worse, you cannot accept love From anyone else.
You will "know" (at least believe) ) that you are not loveable, not worthy of love.
You will suspect anyone who expresses love to you that they are crazy, stupid or manipulative.
SO, before they can drop you, you reject them.
You can find love with others after you learn to love yourself.
I can teach you how to do that at Self-Knowledge College.

I write historical fiction and standard stories.
NO fiction on Amazon yet because I am using stories (as well as nonfiction) as lead-generators to build my author list

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