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GR Jordan is a self-published author who finally decided at forty that in order to have an enjoyable lifestyle, his creative beast within would have to be unleashed. His books mirror that conflict in life where acts of decency contend with self-promotion, goodness stares in horror at evil and kindness blind-sides us when we are at our worst. Corrupting our world with his parade of wondrous and horrific characters, he highlights everyday tensions with fresh eyes whilst taking his methodical, intelligent mainstays on a roller-coaster ride of dilemmas, all the while suffering the banter of their provocative sidekicks.

A graduate of Loughborough University where he masqueraded as a chemical engineer but ultimately played American football, GR Jordan worked at changing the shape of cereal flakes and pulled a pallet truck for a living. Watching vegetables freeze at -40'C was another career highlight and he was also one of the Scottish Highlands' "blind" air traffic controllers. Having flirted with most places in the UK, he is now based in the Isle of Lewis in Scotland where his free time is spent between raising a young family with his wife, writing, figuring out how to work a loom and caring for a small flock of chickens. Luckily his writing is influenced by his varied work and life experience as the chickens have not been the poetical inspiration he had hoped for!



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Footsteps: Austerley & Kirkgordon Origins 1

"I swear if I see Austerley again, I'll kill him myself. The man's a lunatic, and he wants putting down for the good of society - and his own good for that matter."

A retired protection operative, Kirkgordon's only mistake was to seek a little of the excitement his previous life had offered. Leaving his family behind, he joins Professor Austerley beneath a New England graveyard and fights horrors he could never have dreamed of. But while he seeks to extract his client from the madness, the Professor shows a hunger for things unholy, an insatiable appetite that chills Kirkgordon to the core.

"Footsteps" is the prelude to "Crescendo!", the first story in the Austerley & Kirkgordon series, and relates the tale of their first bizarre meeting from the perspective of a compromised Kirkgord



The Darkness at Dillingham Sampler

This is a sampler for "The Darkness at Dillingham".

Sent to seaside Dillingham’s care home to rest before Austerley's prosthetic foot operation, Kirkgordon and the former Professor find a lingering presence trying to take back the town that destroyed it while a gorgeous woman sets her sights on a bodyguard of her own. Ghosts, witches, a redoubtable librarian, a bizarre priest and a descent into hell make it one vacation they'll never forget! 

Join Austerley & Kirkgordon in their second full-length adventure at the picturesque English seaside town of Dillingham. Sent to a care home to rest before Austerley's prosthetic foot operation, the boys find a lingering presence trying to take back the town that destroyed it while a gorgeous young woman sets her sights on a bodyguard of her own.


Crescendo! An Austerley & Kirkgordon Adventure

A long forgotten manuscript of music. A genius professor hungering for the dark creatures which drove his studies. A Russian vamp with an icy touch. A government agent pulling everyone's strings. And a former bodyguard trying to hold onto his marriage amidst Elder creatures threatening the end of the world.

Join Austerley and Kirkgordon on a hunt for Elder music of a race lost from time. From America to Russia and across the British Isles, two broken misfits try to pull the world back from a cosmic disaster while keeping at bay their reciprocal loathing.

It's the blasphemous fanfare for the end of the world!


Cally - Austerley & Kirkgordon Origins 2

Taken from her home and family during an attack, Calandra grew up in the land ruled by Ferrean's father where she trained to be a warrior. Now she serves under Ferrean's rule but he has made advances that she is more to him than a warrior. Finding their way in this new relationship, they are confronted by a depressed land devoid of its children, taken by a force unknown. Together the pair are pushed to the extreme to rescue these children before the shattering conclusion in the mother of all storms!

"Cally" is the origin novelette (10k words) of Calandra, ice cold warrior and owner of freakish wings, the feminine hero of the "Crescendo!" novel, the first in the Austerley & Kirkgordon series. Discover where her sadness and sorrow come from and how she changed from a normal woman.