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My name is Gabriela Voelske; a university student currently studying Marine and Freshwater Biology. Despite my unrelated degree choice, I have always been a very creative person, with fantasy being my favourite avenue for this output. I had created the world of Fyir over several years, bulking up the world into something that I felt others would enjoy.

In November 2013 I decided to undertake Nanowrimo and succeeded at writing the first 50,000 words of Crystalline Chaos in 23 days. Due to a mixture of university work and poor health, it took until 2015 to publish the first book of the series. Crystalline Chaos was published on the 31st July 2015 on to Amazon.

Writing up the events of the first book made me realise that I wished to detail the referenced events of 25 years past (the reign of Nathaniel), so my current project is entitled "Dangerous Times", a prequel to the first book.


Teen & Young Adult

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Crystalline Chaos (preview)

Welcome to Fyir.

The world of Fyir is a place rife with discrimination, due to its turbulent past. The Central Isles are certainly no exception to this; their small residing populations of angels, demons and humans are forever locked in petty skirmishes and short-term wars. When a new, unknown threat emerges and threatens to destabilise the tiny continent, can the opposing races set aside their differences in order to save themselves?

Following the expedition to investigate the magical disturbance in the west, Ferdan Is left with a daunting challenge: How does he convince the three racial leaders that something is amiss while avoiding the problem of them implicating one another? Such a task is difficult to undertake without more information, so he undertakes an expedition to the west to



The Northern Bloodline (preview)

The Northern Bloodline is the second book in the Skies of Fyir series.


Dangerous Times (preview)

Nathaniel has risen to power on the Central Isles, ruling over the demon population that lives there. A few years after the start of his reign, the tensions start to reach a peak as the demon population begins to dwindle, victims of supposed angel attacks.

A young mage from the South is recruited to serve as the King’s court mage, a powerful demon known as Amnur. He is eager to take on his new responsibilities but soon finds that the dream he was sold has a dark, cruel reality.

Chapters 5-7. WIP.