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Gena Ervin is a YA Fantasy author and amateur photographer living in New Mexico who has earned a B.S. in Communications from Eastern New Mexico University. She has worked in the broadcast news field for four years but prefers being an author since she can talk to her imaginary friends and people don’t question it. She is very inquisitive and always searching for knowledge, a theme that also tends to show itself in her work. She spent her youth with her nose in a book and also writing about the events of the neighborhood kids sometimes embellishing the details with monsters or other fantasy creatures. Her formative years were spent writing fantasy or horror short stories, some of which have been published online.

A reflection of herself, her characters are timid at first but tend to stand up and push through when times get tough. They are dedicated to a goal and always fight for what’s right, not what’s easy. She believes wholeheartedly in fairies and gnomes and wishes the house gremlins would stop hiding things when she needs them most. But most of all, she believes that magic exists within everyone who chooses to use it. When not writing, her procrastination techniques include trying out bread recipes, working on various art projects, and watching copious amounts of YouTube videos.


Teen & Young Adult

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There was no longer any way Kari could ignore the fact that magic and demonic creatures were real. After all, seeing is believing and she saw more in those first few days than she ever thought possible.

After Kari is given a strange little book, she discovers that she is the descendent of a powerful demon hunter and the book contains the magic of her ancestors. Before she even knows how to use it, something steals it from her. She and her protector, Rick, must get the book back if she is ever to inherit her mother’s family magic. There’s just one thing that bothers them. She’s always had magic powers, but the only ones who can inherit magic right away are demons.


The Medallion

Never trust a dolphin.
The magic of the sea says he can go to shore as a human and find a mate. Jace has a limited amount of time and has chosen his target, but his pleasant smile could hold the face of a deceitful monster.

Renalda was not very bright. On most days she only has one thing on her mind, finding that one great romance. Though simple-minded—and a bit shallow—she did have a remarkable eye for beauty and art. Everyone in her life seems to have some sort of secret and special gift, some gifts are far more unbelievable than the next, but the biggest surprise of all is what happened when the sea came to shore.