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Grüdier is an nom de plume of Dr. Rüdiger Wilhelm, a character created by author Bruce Magnotti. Rüdiger is a theoretical geneticist living in Düsseldorf. Besides publishing his peer reviewed research articles on topics of theoretical genetics, he writes in different science fiction genres under the following pseudonyms.

1. Wil Helm - an American author writing science fiction. His fans consider his work in the horror genre, specifically science fiction eco horror. His most notable work is "Subtle Shift of Genre" a gender bending tale of an author who writes a short story about the return of a notable mystic.

2. Regi Dür - a comic book author from Austria, Regi writes comic book stories of the origins of god, gods, dragons, and the rise of human civilization.

3. Rüdi Ger - a German/French poet, prophet, and philosopher writing poetry and short stories.

4. Grüdier - a French author writing science fiction erotica in the first person of a character names Cosette.

5. xxy - actually a pseudonym of Grüdier writing erotica from the perspective of a more sensual, playful, and adventurous young Rüdiger Wilhelm.

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