Helen Karol is a bestselling published and self-published author. All her titles - Chances and Choices, her ongoing e-serials Her Keeper and Intimate Knowledge, as well as HIS By Design, the erotic version of Chances & Choices - have all hit the Amazon Top 100 lists in multiple genres. In 2015, the first book in her Hope Junction Series, The Rancher’s Woman, reached Amazon’s #1 in Western Erotic Romance and the top 5 in BDSM and Romantic Erotica, as well as gaining bestseller awards across other platforms.
Helen creates intelligent heroines and tough yet tender, alpha heroes. Her stories are about the complex and arousing world of love. A world that can be scary as well as exciting. Dark as well as sweet.
Helen is currently working on a series of stand-alone short stories planned around The Raffertys - a family who we first met in Intimate Knowledge and Her Keeper. Look out for the first in the series, Wild Oats, Mistletoe and Eggnog. In addition to Wild Oats, Mistletoe and Eggnog, she is working on the next episodes in her e-serials, as well as the next book in the Hope Junction Series.
An international instructor as well as an author, Helen has worked in many different cultures and countries. Before that, she was a photographer in the Canadian Air Force. When not working abroad, she makes her home with her family in England.
Helen loves to hear from her readers and she always writes back!.


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Christmas Story 2016 Sneak Peek

When my tall, red headed siren of a girlfriend, my high school sweetheart, insisted after six years together that she couldn’t handle being a political wife after all, I seriously considered just locking her up until she came to her senses. Unfortunately, there are laws nowadays about doing that to women. Too bad. So I had to rely on another strategy. Give her enough space to miss me. Maybe she needed to sow some wild oats. Maybe we both did. Both virgins when we got together, we remained faithful while we were together, so experimentation was on the cards. Five years and more wild oats than I care to think about. I’ve given her enough space. It’s time to reclaim my sultry, willowy siren.

I've decided. We'll be married by Twelfth Night. Now I just have to convince her!