Hi! My name is Henrike, I live in the Netherlands and I am a comic artist, blogger and interpreter.

I have recently completed a year's worth of buffer pages for my comic "Recollection City" which has been released as a weekly webcomic in July 2017.

I also assist in courses at the Oatley Academy of Visual Storytelling and I have also blogged at for over a year. My brand Pencils and Stories focuses on growing productivity, motivation and confidence in creators so they can finish their projects. Having struggled through years of art block and now having a consistent work- and update schedule makes me passionate to help others do the same.

When I am not making content I love watching (animated) movies, reading comics, and meeting and eating with friends. I'm also in love with nature, my faith and storytelling in general.


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Recollection City; the prologue.

The Recollection City prologue.

An insecure future leader, called Bern, escapes the abduction of his family by a strange father and daughter duo and their army. Together with his friends he embarks on a journey for help, on which they learn what it means to push through limitations and fears. Unfortunately for Bern, finding his voice and his place amongst his colleagues might very well decide the fate of the entire country.

Recollection City is an ongoing fantastical adventure webcomic that you can find at

Age guideline: 12 years and up.