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Indiana Wake was born in Denver Colorado where she learned to love the outdoors and horses.

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At the age of eleven her parents moved to the United Kingdom to follow her father’s career. There her mother raised horses. Indiana escaped into fiction and dreamed of the West and all the friends she had left behind. From that day onward she loved stories and was often making up her own as well as reading others.
In 2014 she was approached by a friend from church and decided to start and publish those stories. She has had multiple no 1 bestsellers and has been a bestselling author in the Religion and Spirituality category. You can be sure that her books are clean and wholesome and she hopes you will enjoy them as much as she loves to write them.


Historical Romance
Teen & Young Adult

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The Deceived Bride

At twenty-five and with a scarred hand Rosa was considered too old to be married. Only her father had other plans, he could make a quick buck by selling her as a mail order bride.
A chance meeting on the train could change everything and when bullets start to fly who comes to her rescue?

Rosa is torn between the handsome rancher and the man who is to be her husband and yet there is one thing that worries her more. What will both men do when they see her disfigured hand?