Isabel Riley is an author of historical fantasy and gaslamp fiction with heavy steampunk elements. Her stories focus on coming of age drama with a healthy dose of romance and humor. When she's not escaping to a fantasy world of long ago, she can usually be found with her friends and husband while they get into mischief in and around their hometown of New Orleans.


Historical Romance

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The Secret of the Spellbook (The Iron Girls Academy Book 1)

London: 1890. The only sanctuary for witches like me is The Iron Academy for Girls. If you break the Academy’s rules, off to the asylum you go. And I’ve already broken the first one.

Girls of the Iron Academy and gentlemen of The Embers Society of Engineers are forbidden from interacting, but one handsome tinkerer has the tools I need to decipher the spellbook that holds the secret to my past.

He has an idea that could set us both free from the chains of society. The perfect alchemy of mechanics and magic.

If we’re caught, he’ll lose his inheritance and be banished from London, and I’ll be turned out from the Academy and locked up in the asylum forever.

We have to do this in perfect secrecy.

But with gossip and magic running amok, it seems we’re doomed before we even begin.