Jason Blacker was born at the foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Now he lives at foot of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada.

He is an avid reader across genres, and this is reflected in his writing. You'll find great books by him in just about all genres from Action to Zombie.

His best selling books at the moment are related to his 2 mystery series. Lady Marmalade, the charming and kind Marchioness of Sandown, solving crime at the turn of the last century between the World Wars. Fans of Agatha Christie and other cozy mysteries fall in love with her.

There is also his gritty, hardboiled detective protagonist Anthony Carrick. He's a tough drinking, hard talking ex-LAPD homicide detective bent on seeking justice for the abused and downtrodden. With an ironic sense of humor and flexible approach to justice, fans of Sam Spade, Mike Hammer and the like always root for him.


Historical Fiction
Science Fiction

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