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Jessica Hawke’s first stories were painstakingly scrawled on notebook paper in second grade. While the story of the Three Little Fish will never again see the light of day, her parents felt this was a sign, and as usual, they turned out to be right. She enjoys writing paranormal and fantasy novels, since reality is overrated.

Jessica is the author of the Phantoms series, chronicling the misadventures of a teenaged ghost whisperer who is trying to handle the affairs of the restless dead while trying not to flunk eleventh grade.


Teen & Young Adult

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Phantom Light - a Phantoms Novella

“If you hold onto this world hard enough, you’ll get a grasp on it. But it will get a grasp on you, too, and you won’t be able to decide anymore that you’re ready to go.”

When Valerie Young wakes up from a horrific accident to a world gone gray and cold, she wants to believe anything but the truth of what happened. But as she struggles to accept the dreaded d-word, time is slipping away for her to move on to the afterlife. When she realizes her younger sister has been irreparably altered by the accident, Valerie must choose between a chance at peace and the cold reality of existence as a restless spirit.

Phantom Light is a prequel novella to the Phantoms novel series. This edition includes the full novella PLUS an extended preview of Phantom Touch, the first novel in the series.