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Joanna has loved to write most of her life, and though her early work consisted of stories about mysterious floppy disks and killer plants (think Jurassic Park, but with plants), she believes that a good story can be written about almost anything.

She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in English from the University of Utah, although she feels like she was never taught the correct rules of grammar (shhh, don't tell her English teachers or her editor) and only sort of learned them through her avid love of reading.

Joanna married her college sweetheart and has three crazy and young kids so there is never a dull moment (or a full nights sleep) at her house.

Oh, and she is a Dr. Pepper enthusiast. She tries to limit herself to one a day, but would never turn a second one down if offered.


Historical Romance
Teen & Young Adult

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In Her Dreams

I experience the memories of dead people while I sleep.

It's a curse. Because along with love and happy endings, I also get to experience heartbreaks, and sometimes even death. And I'm still expected to pass my midterms!

When I had consecutive dreams of Victorian-era Lucy (who just got engaged... eek!) I finally had an escape from the bad. And then I met Lucy's future relative, Andrew. *swoon*

Oh! and I met this new boy, Duncan, in my waking life and finally had a friend -- don't ask why I didn't have friends until him. Long story. And Duncan is easy on the eyes too... *sigh*

One night I changed the outcome of one of my dreams by accident and shifted my reality in a major way, so now I have to make some important decisions about choices and control. And what I believe is right.