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Living California's San Joaquin Valley, John R Moore brings his vision of times past, ancient eras and planets beyond the Orion Constellation. Join him in his imagination invoking worlds of swords, aliens, wizards and mythological beings


Other (Fiction)
Science Fiction

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The Guardians of Embrellon


The Sorcerer Queen

Before Noah's flood, it was a time of Magic. Angela the White and her companions travel south to the land of Stygia the southern most kingdom on Pangea. They encounter the Fallen and their priests, and the battle between Good and Evil reaches a frenzied pitch. After destroying the Spider God, and traveling to Atlantis, they become entrenched in a new battle, and Angela the White, becomes The Sorcerer Queen.


The Captive of Embrellon

Jason, son of James Whitlaw is taken captive and transported to the planet Marn. He is forced to fight for his life in duels reminiscent of the days of the Roman Gladiators. after winning a month long tournament of duels, he and his friends steal a ship and return to Embrellon where they continue to fight against the Marn invasions that are coming.